object ART : plant STYLING : spatial INSTALLATIONS

From a young age my life has been defined through creativity, experimentation and the ability to express myself in conceptual ways. A gatherer of all things eclectic, bold and disparate in nature I have spent much of my childhood and teens travelling with my Dutch parents and prolifically creating as a response to interacting with the rich and diverse cultures of other countries, their people, and exceptional colour and craftsmanship. As an artistic consequence of these profound experiences and following my creative desires, I am now the artist/ designer/ stylist behind A.nouk. Drawing upon my Interior Design and floral styling background I love to capture the beauty of form through bespoke and made to spec object art, plant styling, and considered spatial installations for residential, commercial and hospitality clients. Collectively or individually these unique elements are intended to transform a space and inform a layered response of tier, tone and texture. [image taken @ Ocean Beach, Nelson, Vic]

 Joslin Koolen

[studio by appt] 20 Byron Place, Adelaide, SA 5000 . joslin@anoukstyle.com.au . +61 [0]408 805 969